Braided winch rope

Our Braided winch ropes are made of UHMWPE or Spectra® fiber,  they are lighter, stronger, and safer than steel wire rope.

Our selection of braided winch ropes is crafted to offer unparalleled strength and durability for a wide range of pulling and lifting tasks. Available in an array of diameters, including 1/4″, 5/16″, 11/32″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, and 9/16″, our ropes cater to diverse needs and applications.

Our website provides detailed data that clearly illustrates the Breaking Strength of each diameter option when engineered with two of the industry’s most advanced materials: UHMWPE Fiber and Spectra® Fiber. You can quickly compare and discern the Breaking Strength values for different diameters of our braided winch ropes, ensuring an informed selection process.

When it comes to reliable braided winch ropes, our are truly the best braided winch ropes available, combining cutting-edge technology with superior strength and resilience. Whether you’re engaged in recovery operations, securing loads, or any task requiring the utmost in rope performance, our braided winch ropes deliver the quality and reliability you need to get the job done.


Delivery Time:
15-30 Days
100 PCS Per Item


Our Advantages

Over Normal Synthetic Winch Ropes


Product Parameters

DiameterNormal Synthetic Breaking StrengthPre-Stretched Synthetic Breaking Strength
mminchIn UHMWPE FiberIn Spectra® FiberIn UHMWPE FiberIn Spectra® Fiber
61/44,400 lbs2,000 kg)5,000 lbs(2,300 kg)4,800 lbs(2,200 kg)5,900 lbs(2,700 kg)
85/168,360 lbs(3,800kg)9,500 lbs(4,300 kg)8,800 lbs(4,000 kg)12,500 lbs(5,700 kg)
911/3212,300 lbs(4,000 kg)10,100 lbs(4,600 kg)9,900 lbs(4,500 kg)13,200 lbs(6,000 kg)
103/812,700 lbs(5,800 kg)14,000 lbs(6,350 kg)15,300 lbs (6,900 kg)17,600 lbs (8,000 kg)
117/1615,200 lbs(6,900 kg)16,500 lbs(7,500 kg)17,600 lbs(8,000 kg)19,300 lbs(8,800 kg)
121/217,200 lbs(7,800 kg)18,900 lbs(8,600 kg)19,800 lbs(9,000 kg)23,100 lbs(10,500 kg)
149/1619,400 lbs(8,800 kg)21,600 lbs(9,800 kg)30,300 lbs(12,300 kg)30,300 lbs(13,800 kg)


Exploring the Diverse Uses of Braided winch rope in Different Fields

Braided winch rope is widely utilized in a multitude of industries for its exceptional durability and versatility. It finds application in off-roading, construction, marine, agriculture, and recreational sectors. From recovering vehicles in challenging terrains to heavy lifting in construction sites, winch rope proves indispensable in various demanding tasks.


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